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Back in 2007 I picked up my first pendulum. It astonished me how it worked.  This pushed me to start my journey to becoming a qualified healer in many areas; from spiritual to crystal healing, flower remedies, meditation and dowsing.

I discovered a type of spiritual healing that I’ve found to be one of the most important parts of any healing process and that is not considered or recognized as much as it should be: HEALING YOUR HOME.

So home healing; what is it? Let's start with an example. You have bought a new home and settle in then find you cannot sleep; you have children who are restless, aggressive, angry, sleep walk, suffer night terrors and through the day cannot concentrate at school; adults, visitors and even pets can be affected by eating disorders, pain, headaches. But how? Put simply an Earth energy that can be detrimental to human health commonly referred to as Geopathic Stress.


Geopathic Stress relates to the concentration of earth energies through thousands of underground streams. 

You'll likely know families who are constantly sick and in and out of the doctors. This can be due to Geopathic Stress. This invisible radiation does not produce illness, but is believed by some to lower the immune system, making it difficult to combat disease


This energy holds strong negativity yet we cannot see it. It can run from one side of your home to the other underground, and straight up through 20 floors of flats or an office block and out through the top. In several articles it has been associated with exaggerated skin diseases and heart problems, lung, impaired liver and kidney function, IBS, allergies, arthritis, learning disabilities and more.  

My work is to help discover these energies remotely through a map of your home. After years of doing this, I now teach through workshops how to heal your home or workplace in a safe environment. and conduct many home healing's privately .


This work goes beyond  into the spiritual areas that affect our self and family by removing detrimental entities within the auric field and Chakra system.  

Sealing holes, tears and cracks within the Auric field that has been created through low self esteem,  illness, and other factors, including curses, spells, psychic attack, portals that have been opened intentionally and unintentionally. Old haunted homes and power objects ie; antiques, gifts etc with attached negative energies.

Not forgetting Spirit rescue, sending lost  & trapped souls back into the light to complete their journeys. Ley lines that are extremely powerful for the human body  yet we can reduce the frequencies for better health & enjoyment within your home or on the land. 

This is just a fraction of some of the work we do that have an impact on our lives yet many do not see or understand how it is a major problem within most homes across the world.

  All work is done remotely by a simple floor plan of the property and first names of occupants and any pets. 

To heal the person you must always look to heal the home first.

 It could very well be the problem arose from moving into a new home and the previous occupants left these energies behind unaware.

Or detrimental energies are travelling in from others, directly through the walls of your homes.

 We know energy moves so do our thoughts. It is best to be mindful of this, even going to your workplace that too holds negative energies that must be cleared then you can heal the person.

You have to be a confident dowser for this work as it is a tool to help pinpoint the exact location of any detrimental energies. My course shows how to cap Geopathic Stress from entering your home for up to 30 years, after which it should be re-checked. All done remotely without expensive equipment to use or buy – instead a true heart and the power of intent.

Once this negative energy has been abated, you can then heal the family and it is my experience that the outcomes are rewarding. In my opinion, we need more awareness of this and more healers to do this work.

If you are interested in finding out more or would like a Home Healing please contact me. For details of my workshops, please visit the link to my Facebook page with information and workshops coming up. 

Dowsing can also be used with lost and trapped spirits, which is often needed at the same time as clearing Geopathic Stress. With help from our spirit guides and angels, over the years I have had some amazing results… and reviews.

please contact for prices and there is a fixed rate for sizes of homes or land and important to have a chat about this before any work is done. 

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Home Clearing & Removing Negative Energies

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