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Rachael Marriner 

recommends Divine Healing Hands Sanctuary.


Lindsey's energy is simply breathtaking. I experienced 2 hours of what can only be described as phenomenal. I was completely transformed within the 2 hour healing process, feeling lighter, and much more at peace with everything. Lindsey really shifted a lot of unwanted energy that has been weighing me down for some time. This was a week ago now, and the benefits of Lindsey's healing are still having the most profound and beautiful effects on me. I cannot thank you enough Lindsey. I truly am a new, much happier person

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Lisa Wooton  recommends

 Divine Healing Hands Sanctuary.

  · We moved into our home in November 2021 and when we first moved in the house had a really lovely feeling. However, as the months went on this feeling changed and strange things started to happen. I felt a sense of unease and constantly had to look over my shoulder. It all started when our TV would switch itself on randomly in the middle of the night, then things started to affect our little girl. She wouldn’t sleep in her own room as she was too frightened. She would say there was monsters and would sometimes wake up having a night terror. My friend put us in touch with Lindsey when things became a lot worse; I would be putting my little girl to bed and she would be unsettled, one particular night she pointed to the window sill and asked me “is that a boy or a girl” of course I was totally freaked and told her to not be silly as nothing was there, just the window. Next thing there was a loud noise from my bathroom and when I went to check a shower gel bottle had been thrown across the room. About a week later, again, I was putting her to bed and she was struggling to settle, she kept staring at her bedroom door and I couldn’t get her attention, next thing there was a noise from the next bedroom like someone was dragging something across the radiator. All of us were being affected at night at this point and couldn’t sleep. Lindsey came to our house and before she’d even stepped through our front door Lindsey had already picked up on stuff at her house about what was going on and in particular my little girl has a party dress that she loves but always got stressed out when she wore it or would get angry and throw it across the room. Lindsey had detected that this dress had negative energy on it and cleared the energy when she was here. Since then my little girl has loved wearing her dress and has not been upset or stressed out with it. After discussing about the issues in the home Lindsey remotely healed our home and found we had 50 spirits, 2 portals and lots of geopathic stress lines running through the house. It’s now been cleared and the house feels so much nicer and calm. Our little girl sleeps through the night and no longer says there are monsters. After having the house healed we then had healing done on each of us. I’ve always had emotional issues surrounding me when it comes to my dad; I could barely talk about him without bursting into tears. Lindsey helped me to overcome this and since being healed I can talk about him without feeling upset or becoming tearful. Lindsey is truly amazing and very gifted in what she does. I can’t thank her enough for all she’s done for us.

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