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                Cost £ 10+ p&p

              Please pay  BACS  

       Lindsey-patricia Hepburn

              [quote]Aura mists

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Healing  Balms

I'II'm Pleased  to  Introduce my wonderful Healing Balms I've created  which are made from naturally foraged  flowers,Plants, herbs, and organic Essential Oils.

As a Master Herbalist  and A Flower Remedy Practitioner it has helped me to create my own healing products for my family and friends. 

They are available after consultation with each client. This is to ensure you have no definitive reactions  from other medications  prescribed.  

To date I've had some Amazing feed back. and  created tinctures and teas which are coming soon. We are able to make our own herbal remedies  and the time is here right now to start thinking of going back to basics?

The enjoyment of foraging and learning new things is a continuous journey and one I thoroughly enjoy along with years of Healing &Teaching on all levels using many modalities. any questions please contact via email  messenger and Text  

Thank You                                                                                                                         copyright 2024

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Coming soon   Little Light Angels

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